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Tips and Tricks from Real Classrooms

  • Introduce one game at a time to the whole class. First, let the students play for around 5 minutes on their own without any suggestions from you. Then bring the class together to discuss how to play the game. Next let them get back to the game, and ensure everyone knows how to play.

  • For each game, try to get students to amass a few hours of playing time by playing for a number of minutes at a time, a few times a week over a few weeks.

  • Encourage playing at home, but regularly play in school is more sustainable.

  • Resist the urge to keep asking formal maths questions on what the game is teaching. This may add anxiety and reduce their desire to play.

  • Instead ask questions in the context of the game. "How are you making those 4s?", "Why did you do that?", "Is there another way to do that?", "Why are factors important here?"

  • From time to time get students to discuss their game strategies in pairs, groups or as a whole class.

  • Log on to your Teacher's Dashboard weekly, or even more often, to ensure everyone plays regularly.

Get the most out of the games

Get the most out of Stick and Split

  • Ensure all children grasp the game mechanic – especially that they can only stick numbers together if they are the same.
  • Some students will want to play all the levels in order. Some will want to jump around different levels. Both are OK – the aim should be to maximise the amount of time they play.
  • There are some nifty shortcuts within the game that some children will soon discover. Ask them to share with the rest of the class when they find them.

More games coming soon...

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